Vilma big pancake flour


Flour mix for making big over-pan cakes.


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    Flour mix for making big over-pan cakes.

    Add little-by-little 1l of water, mix it smooth and bake as usual. As the taste of the pancakes is rather neutral, they can be served both with sweet and salty tops and sides.

    Pancakes can be used also as snacks, appetizers or for making pancake tarts.

    Nisujahuvadakupulber (piim), munapulbersuhkur, sool, kergitusaine E500, happesuse regulaator (sidrunhape). Säilitusaineteta. Võib sisaldada vähesel määral soja, sellerit ja sinepit.

    Does not contain peanuts
    Does not contain nuts
    Does not contain sesame seeds
    Nutrition information 100 g RI*
    energy content 1501kJ 8400kJ
    energy content 354kcal 2000kcal
    fats 3,6g 70g
    of which saturates 0,9g 20g
    carbohydrates 65g 260g
    of which sugars 7g 90g
    proteins 13g 50g
    salt 2,2g 6g
    500 g
    Mõõdud koos pakendiga
    180x110x70 mm
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