Linda milk chocolate with hazelnuts


Extraordinarily silky milk chocolate with wonderful hazelnut pieces.


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Extraordinarily silky milk chocolate with wonderful hazelnut pieces.

Born from a grouse egg, the mythical Linda was a beautiful and proud woman who turned down the Moon, the Sun, the Wind and Water in favor of the mighty Kalev. Linda bore Kalev three sons and the youngest of these sons grew up to be a hero worthy of his father’s name: the national hero of Estonia, Kalevipoeg. After Kalev himself had perished, the widowed Linda rejected several suitors, among others the Finnish wind sorcerer Tuuslar. The powerful sorcerer thought to take Linda with him by force, but the noble sky god Uku came to her aid, turning her into stone not far from Tallinn, at Iru hill.

Suhkur, täispiimapulbermetspähkel 17%, kakaomass, kakaovõi, emulgaator (letsitiin), vanilliin, sool. Kakao sisaldus vähemalt 33%. Piimakuivained- vähemalt 20%. Võib sisaldada vähesel määral erinevaid pähkleid, maapähkleid, gluteeni sisaldavaid teravilju ja munatooteid.

Does not contain sesame seeds
Does not contain soya beans
Nutrition information 100 g RI*
energy content 2298kJ 8400kJ
energy content 552kcal 2000kcal
fats 37g 70g
of which saturates 18g 20g
carbohydrates 45g 260g
of which sugars 44g 90g
proteins 8,5g 50g
salt 0,15g 6g
300 g
130x255x10 mm
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