Kalev dark baking chocolate


Kalev’s 70% cocoa content baking chocolate is available in 200 g bars.


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Kalev's 70% cocoa content baking chocolate is available in 200 g bars. It is easy to establish the quantity required in the recipe with the help of the marking on the packaging – 4 squares = 25 g. We recommend melting the chocolate over hot water and stirring from time to time.

Kakaomass, vähendatud rasvasisaldusega kakaopulber, suhkur, kakaovõi, võirasv (piim), emulgaator (letsitiin), vanilliin. Kakao sisaldus vähemalt 70%. Võib sisaldada vähesel määral erinevaid pähkleid, maapähkleid, gluteeni sisaldavaid teravilju ja munatooteid.

Does not contain sesame seeds
Does not contain soya beans
Nutrition information 100 g RI*
energy content 2344kJ 8400kJ
energy content 564kcal 2000kcal
fats 36g 70g
of which saturates 22g 20g
carbohydrates 41g 260g
of which sugars 23g 90g
proteins 11g 50g
salt 0g 6g
200 g
90x235x11 mm
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