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Kalev 70% dark chocolate

This 70% dark chocolate is the darkest of the Kalev chocolates, i.e. it has the highest cocoa content. This is a pure and genuine chocolate that contains the best characteristics of dark chocolate. Among other things it contains substances that create a nice feeling of pleasure and satisfaction with oneself and the world, improve mood and relieve stress. Especially for women. It has been observed that dark chocolate also has a stimulating and boosting effect; it is also an excellent source of energy for anyone whose life is related to mental or physical strain. To increase the pleasure from flavours, this chocolate has been moulded into a bar that is thinner than usual. This sweet product is first and foremost suitable for those people who do not like sweets too much and prefer pure chocolate without any added flavours. When it melts in your mouth, the consistence of the chocolate becomes nicely creamy. The taste is pleasantly smooth despite of the high cocoa content. This chocolate is for anyone who values quality, simplicity and clarity of flavours. Sommelier Matti Timmermann recommends trying this chocolate with a good rum Bacardi 8 (Puerto Rico) in order to achieve an interesting flavour combination.

70 g
158 x 73 x 8 mm
Product code:
Cocoa mass, fat-reduced cocoa powder, sugar, cocoa butter, butter fat (milk), emulsifier (lecithin), vanillin. Cocoa solids: 70% minimum. May contain traces of different nuts, cereals containing gluten, egg and soy products. Keep in cool and dry place (18±3°С).
Nutritional value per100 g14g (3pcs.)RI*% RI* 14g
energy2370kJ332kJ /8400kJ4%
of which saturated fatty acids22g3,1g20g16%
of which sugar24g3,4g90g4%

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