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Orkla Eesti AS

Orkla Eesti AS is a leading Estonian food production company joining two well-established local trademarks and production units: the products of Kalev and Põltsamaa are known and loved in every Estonian home.

Kalev is the largest and oldest confectionery company in Estonia. It has been Estonia’s best-loved brand for many years.

The first predecessor of the Kalev confectionery factory began operations in 1806 in Tallinn. Since 2003, Kalev has been making sweets in its modern production facility in Põrguvälja, near Jüri, Harjumaa. The maximum total capacity of the production facility covering 26,500 square metres is approximately 15,000 tonnes per year.

The majority of production is sold on the Estonian market, but Kalev is also actively involved in export. The main export markets include the other Baltic states, Scandinavia and Russia. In Estonia, the company owns a retail chain of six chocolate shops.

Kalev’s subsidiary, Maiasmokk – the longest continuously operating café in Estonia – is located in Tallinn and offers a large selection of pastries and handcrafted confectionery. Visitors can enjoy light snacks and hot meals on the first floor of the café.


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