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Certified raw materials

Kalev considers it important to focus on sustainable and responsible cocoa farming, and in turnimproving the working and living conditions of cocoa farmers.

Kalev considers it important to focus on sustainable and responsible cocoa farming, and in turnimproving the working and living conditions of cocoa farmers.

In 2014, Kalev joined UTZ Certified, the world’s leading programme in supporting responsible and sustainable coffee, tea and cocoa farming. In 2017, all of the cocoa required for making Kalev chocolate is certified, and all of our chocolate products have the right to use the UTZ Certified label. This label on the product indicates that the company supports responsible cocoa farming. By buying products with the UTZ label, you are also supporting that principle.

UTZ Certified is an international programme that was launched in the Netherlands in 2002:
• UTZ means “good” in the Mayan language
• UTZ is the world’s largest programme for responsible cocoa
• UTZ programme members include more than 465,000 cocoa farmers
• UTZ certified cocoa is produced in 19 countries
• Chocolate products carrying the UTZ label are sold in 135 countries

Why UTZ certifiedcocoa?

The global cocoa sector is facing many challenges. An insufficient cultivation system, ageing cocoa trees, the use of incorrect chemicalsand uncontrolled deforestation, in addition to the poor working conditions and lowincomes of the cocoa farmers.

The goal of the UTZ programme is to have an efficient certification system that can be monitored for producing cocoa in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Cocoa farmers who have joined the UTZ programme are already getting higher yields and are more skilled in managing their farm, while having improved work conditions and environmental protection.

How does UTZ work?

With UTZ, everything begins with more skilled cultivation, which will result in increased yields, increased income, and improvements in future prospects and environmental protection. By acquiring new skills and techniques with the help of the UTZ programme, cocoa farmers are able to get more from their land and company.

Skilled cultivation leads to greater yields, but farmers are not only producing more; they are also experiencing improved crop quality and smaller expenses.

The cocoa farmers who have joined the UTZ programme are taught how to manage their farm better, for example. As a result, they will get better-quality crop for smallerexpenses, are able to invest in the well-being of their families and employees, and help secure their future.

“After joining the UTZ programme, the yield of our cocoa farm has increased: in 2011–2012, we harvested1.2 tonnes of cocoa beans, but in 2013–2014 it had already risen to 1.8 tonnes. Thanks to the UTZ programme, I was able to finish building my house, and we can now also afford to cook with gas.” Kouassi N’Guessan Nick, Côte D’Ivoire.

Environmental protection also has an important role within the UTZ programme. Farmers are taught how to use land, water, raw materials and energy economically and efficiently.

UTZ requires all worker rights to be guaranteed. For that, there are clear written criteria based on the conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), and compliance with these criteria is checked on a regular basis. Among other things, all workers must get sufficient rest and wages, according to national legislation, their living conditions must be good and their work environment must be safe.

UTZ wants to ensure that all of the cocoa farmers’ children grow up in a safe and healthy environment. Specific requirements have been set for the protection and development of children, including schooling and playtime. Child labour is forbidden. At the training sessions, it is explained to farmers why it is important for children to go to school, and farmers are made aware of any health hazards associated withchildrenworking on the plantationsand about keeping hazardous substances, tools, etc. out of the reach of children.

Thanks to the UTZ programme, an increasing amount of cocoa farmers and farm workers feel motivated, healthier and respected. They and their families have more opportunities for reaching their goals. Their children go to school, and they grow up in a safe and healthy environment.

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