Kalev will use sustainably produced cocoa

The domestic confectionary producer Kalev joined the UTZ Certified programme that supports responsible and sustainable production of coffee, tea and cocoa. By the end of 2016, Kalev will have all its chocolate made from UTZ certified cocoa.

Kalev is the first production company in the Baltic countries to join the UTZ Certified programme and use sustainably produced cocoa. In stage one, Kalev will use UTZ Certified cocoa in its Klassika series chocolates.

‘The goal is to completely transfer to certified cocoa in all our chocolate products by the end of 2016. Our sister company Nidar in Norway has already done that and Panda in Finland is partly using UTZ Certified cocoa,’ said Kaido Kaare, CEO of AS Kalev.

The UTZ programme advocates better working conditions for cocoa farmers and enables professional education and supplementary training for them in order to increase the yields and hence income of the plantations. Great attention is paid to sustainable use of natural resources. The UTZ programme also provides for greater certainty for cocoa farmers’ families so their children will have a better life and opportunities for education.

Kalev donated the first batch of its UTZ Certified chocolates to Siiri Sisask, one of the best known leaders of charity projects in Estonia, and the non-profit association ‘Saagu valgus’, which is also working to alleviate situations caused by social inequality.

‘With the first batch of certified chocolate bars we wished to make a symbolic gift to the charity organisation that we believe has greatly changed the mentality of the Estonian people when it comes to understanding social issues. It can be said that this first batch of Kalev chocolates has good causes both at the beginning and end of the production chain. I hope that the UTZ label will be a clear argument for aware consumers to prefer Kalev’s products,’ added Kaare.

‘Chocolate consumers around the world are increasingly caring about the origins of the cocoa used for the confectionary and whether it has been produced sustainably and equitably. Chocolate producers are expected to behave responsibly and make their supply chain transparent. By purchasing UTZ Certified cocoa, Kalev is contributing to improving the social situation in Western Africa,’ said Sven Drillenburg Lelijveld, Market Development Manager of UTZ Certified.

UTZ is an independent international organisation founded in 2002 in the Netherlands, originally to stand for sustainable coffee farming. Sustainable cocoa and tea farming were added to the programme a little later. The programme has similarities with the Fair Trade programme that is already known in Estonia, while UTZ applies a more integrated approach, covering a wide scope of aspects and focusing on helping farmers manage their businesses and improve their lives. UTZ means ‘good’ in the Mayan language. UTZ certified products are sold in 50 countries.


Kaido Kaare and Siiri Sisask

Sven Drillenburg Lelijveld, Market Development Manager of UTZ Certified.