Kalev launched two new chocolate bars with nuts

The Kalev Chocolate Factory has launched two new chocolate bars with whole hazelnuts and renewed the package design of all its classic chocolate bars. The two latest products are a 100 gram white chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts and a 100 gram milk chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts.

According to Anne Tääkre, Marketing Director of Kalev, nuts and chocolate are the most classic and popular combination in the world of chocolate. “Kalev’s experience shows that along with pure chocolate Estonian consumers have always preferred chocolate with nuts, especially whole nuts,” Tääkre said.

The package design for the entire series of classic Kalev chocolate was simultaneously renewed, including five different milk chocolates, three dark and two white chocolates, as well as the new products. It is now easier to distinguish between packages of milk and dark chocolate. The white chocolate is now in a new delicious-looking cream-coloured package. The names of the products are now more prominently displayed and more nutritional information about the product can be found on the wrapper. Energy, protein, carbohydrate and fat contents per portion have been added, as well as information on Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA).

Kalev holds the largest share of the Estonian chocolate bar producing market. According to the ACNielsen market research firm, Kalev held 49% of the chocolate bar market in June and July of this year. Sales of chocolate in Estonia have increased 3% since last year. The 300 gram Kalevipoeg was Estonia's best-selling chocolate bar during the latest survey period.