Kalev invested € 3.2 million in new state-of-the-art equipment

On November 7th, Estonia's leading confectionary producer launched new equipment for making assorted sweets and chocolates, which will triple the speed of production to upwards of a thousand sweets per minute. This investment in equipment totals € 3.2 million and is Kalev’s largest investment of the year.

The new high-tech production line made by acclaimed manufacturer Bühler-Bindler in Germany, was launched with Kaido Kaare, CEO of AS Kalev and Helir-Valdor Seeder, Minister of Agriculture jointly pressing the button.

According to Kaare, the new production line will do the work of two former lines, thus improving the efficiency of assorted sweets and chocolate production and providing extensive possibilities for product development.

"The new equipment will begin adding greater value to the chocolate masses produced by our chocolate kitchen which was opened last year. The production of various chocolate treats with this new equipment will provide great new possibilities for product development, since in addition to our current range, we will be able to produce new kinds of sweets, such as chocolate sweets with new types of fillings, multi-layered chocolates and sweets, chocolate bars with various fillings and many other conefctionery products. All of this will make Kalev’s product range even greater than before," said Kaare.

The Minister of Agriculture Helir-Vadlor Seeder admitted that Estonian food production requires regular investments in order to remain competitive. "Kalev is known within its home market. I very much hope that the investments made here will help our food industry to remain competitive outside of Estonia as well," said Seeder.

The new high-tech equipment is a follow-up to Kalev’s world-class chocolate kitchen, which was opened last year. The maximum capacity of the new equiment, which was transported from Germany to Estonia on 15 lorries, is 1000 sweets per minute.

The first product to be made on the new line was Kalev’s Christmas Assortment, for which Kalev’s CEO Kaare and Minister of Agriculture Seeder were on hand to assist staff with packaging. The very first boxes of chocolate produced on the new line will be given as a Christmas gift to Estonia’s largest family with 16 children.

AS Kalev is Estonia's largest confectionery producing company, whose main business is the production and sale of chocolate and sugar confectionary products. In addition to its regular product range, Kalev also makes special products on order. Most of Kalev’s production, i.e. 88%, is sold on the Estonian market. The main export markets are the Baltic and Scandinavian countries and Russia. The company employs over 400 people.