Birgit Õigemeel is the first Estonian Eurovision Song Contest singer to have her own chocolate


Estonia’s largest confectionery producer Kalev launched a milk chocolate dedicated to Birgit Õigemeel to celebrate Estonia’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. This is the first time that a participant in the song contest has been featured on a chocolate wrapper.

AS Kalev produced over 6000 bars of Birgit Õigemeel chocolates, of which 1200 will be given to the Estonian delegation for distribution at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden; the rest will be sold in Estonia.

‘I have always preferred Estonian products and I am glad that Kalev came up with this tasty product idea. Who could have dreamt as a child to one day have a chocolate bearing their own name! It’s a lovely gift to give to all our European friends, fans and supporters at the Eurovision Song Contest,’ said Birgit Õigemeel.

According to Anne Tääkre, Marketing Director of AS Kalev, the Birgit Õigemeel milk chocolate is the first confectionery product made for the Eurovision Song Contest and featuring the photo of an Estonian performer. ‘We are glad to launch the Birgit chocolate that we made chiefly for the purpose of promoting Estonia before and during the song contest, but naturally also for the pleasure of everyone who loves sweets. We support Birgit with all our hearts and hope that the chocolate will also help her during stressful moments,’ Tääkre said.

The Birgit Õigemeel chocolate is a classic milk chocolate bar featuring a special package design. It is a special project to promote the Estonian singer during the 2013 Eurovision Song contest. As of May 2 the Birgit Õigemeel chocolates are available in Selver shops across Estonia.

Photos: On May 2 at the Kalev Rotermann chocolate shop, the CEO of Kalev  Kaido Kaare handed over to Birgit Õigemeel the chocolates bearing her photo.