Kalev Chocolate Shops

Kalev chocolate shops offer a wide variety of traditional Kalev sweets as well as exclusive hand-made chocolate candies and glorious marzipan figurines. We also offer beautiful gift boxes of different sizes and shapes containing sweets of your choice.

Similarly the Kalev special editions and new products are always firstly available in Kalev chocolate shops.

In addition to the Kalev Chocolate Shop, the Sweets Mastery is also open in Rotermann Quarter, inviting all those with a sweet tooth as well as those looking for new experiences to create sweets by themselves.



Kalev Chocolate Shop and Workshop in the Rotermann Quarter Courtyard 
Roseni 7, Tallinn 
E-L 10.00-20.00
P 11.00-18.00

Kalev Nõmme Chocolate Shop (Nõmme market)
Turu 8/Piiri 6, Tallinn 11614
E - L 9.00-18.00
P 9.00-17.00

Kalev Chocolate Shop in Jüri
Põrguvälja tee 6, Lehmja küla
Rae vald, Harjumaa 75306
E-R 9.00-18.00

Kalev Chocolate Shop in Tartu
Poe 1/Küüni 4, Tartu 51004
E-R 09.00-19.00
L 10.00-18.00
P 10.00-16.00

Kalev Chocolate Shop in Kuressaare
Lossi 1, Kuressaare 93819
E-R 09.00-19.00
L 10.00-18.00 
P 10.00-16.00
Kalev Chocolate Shop in Pärnu
Port Artur 2, Lai 11, Pärnu 80010
E-L 10.00-20.00
P 10.00-18.00
Felix Shop
Tallinna mnt. 1, Põltsamaa 10123
E-L 10.00-18.00
P 10.00-16.00