AS Kalev is the biggest and oldest confectionery company in Estonia, and its first predecessor started his activities in Tallinn in 1806. For years, Kalev has been the best known and most prestigious trademark in Estonia.

AS Kalev's main activities are manufacturing and sales of chocolate and sugar confectionery products. In addition to the conventional assortment, we also manufacture products on the basis of a special order, developing products with the messages of the client in co-operation with the client.

AS Kalev produces its sweets in the production facility at Põrguvälja, just outside Tallinn, which was completed in 2003. The maximum total capacity of production complex located on 26, 500 square meters is ca 15 thousand tons per year.

The majority of the production of AS Kalev is sold at the Estonian market. Among other things, the company owns a retail chain of 6 chocolate shops. At the same time, AS Kalev is also actively involved in exporting activities. The main export markets are the Baltic States, Scandinavian countries and Russia.

Maiasmokk, a subsidiary of AS Kalev is a cafe in the old town of Tallinn, which is the oldest constantly operational cafe in Estonia, offering a wide selection of confectionery products and handmade candies produced on the spot.

AS Kalev  belongs to the international Orkla group. The company employs ca 420 people.


Subsidiary OÜ Maiasmokk

OÜ Maiasmokk has long-term experience in making bakery and confectionery products. The Maiasmokk cafe operates on Pikk Street in the old town of Tallinn, in a building that is a cultural object, where the oldest predecessor of AS Kalev, Lorenz Caviezel founded Estonian confectionery industry in the year 1806. In the year 1864, the building was bought by Georg Stude who opened there his confectionery business, offering among other things, exclusive handmade marzipan figurines and chocolate candies.

In 2007, making of marzipan figurines that during some decades had been transferred to AS Kalev, was brought back to its historical location – the house of the Maiasmokk cafe, where the historical moulds are still used for making handmade marzipan figurines. Stude’s tradition of making cakes is also continued by the Maiasmokk cafe, which is the oldest continuously operating cafe in Estonia. The rooms of the cafe also host Kalev’s marzipan museum, where you can see the historical exhibition and see how the marzipan masters work.

Today, 86.3% of the shares of the company belong to AS Kalev.